Tip of the Week: Sealing Exterior Cracks for Fall Maintenance

With the fall season beginning, now is a great time to check the exterior of your home. This would include checking for cracks between your trim and siding, around windows and door frames, and where pipes, conduits, and wires enter or exit your home structure. A simple tube of color matched caulk is an inexpensive maintenance task that a home owner can perform to close up these gaps. Sealing these openings with caulk will help prevent moisture from being able to penetrate your walls and also seal any air leaks that waste energy. Not to mention helping reduce the potential for Insect intrusion.

Tip of the Week: Proper Grading

Here in North Texas, as I change seasons, be sure to take a close look at the soil around your foundation and make sure it slopes away from your house at least 6 vertical inches over a 10 foot span. That way, you’ll keep water from soaking the soils around your foundation (water ponding) which could lead to future cracks and leaks. Also, be sure the soil doesn’t touch your structure siding as this could promote premature decay and or insect infestation.