Tip of the Week: D-Day Remembrance 06/06/2019

Remembering the men and women who fought so bravely!!!!

An old photo of the D-Day landing in Normandy

Tip of the Week: Another reason to have a Home Inspection performed before buying your “Dream Home” 05/09/2019

Tip of the Week: Check your Sprinkler System 05/01/2019

Check your sprinkler system for broken heads or leaks. Damaged irrigation systems generally fall into two categories: wasted water and plant damage or loss. Water is wasted if too much of it is applied or if it goes where it shouldn’t. Plant damage or loss, as the result of an irrigation issue, can occur if too much water or too little water reaches the affected plant(s). Seek professional help if you do not feel comfortable correcting the issue yourself.

Tip of the Week: Reasons You need a Home Inspector 04/09/2019

You can fall in love with a home for various reasons. You might love the size of the home, the open floor plan, the homes exterior or the layout of the kitchen. While the home may look to be in excellent shape, the home’s aesthetics can hide real problems. So you need an inspector to climb into the attic and inch around in the crawl space. The inspector can discover real and expensive problems that are not always apparent when you view the home with a real estate agent. Let me make it easy for you on purchasing your next home.

Tip of the Week: Landscape Cleanup 04/03/2019

Now that Spring is here, keep this tip in mind: Cut back and trim all vegetation and overgrown bushes from structures. Limbs and leaves can cut into your home’s paint and force you to have extra home maintenance. A little trimming can save a lot of money and time.